In the launching of my first website, at the ripening age of 59, I have immense gratitude to all of you who have supported me in this process: from those who fed the initial inspiration to my awesome brand and web designer; those who spent their precious time editing my text to the intrepid photographers who lent their artistic eye to grace these pages with beauty; those who wrote testimonials, making our work together visible in the world; and, perhaps most dearly, those who have worked with me over the last 30 years, whether in the dance studio, in my psychotherapy office or off in the wilds of nature, gracing me with your presence and sublime support to keep saying Yes to the path I’m on.

So welcome to the embodied work. It is both the culmination of decades of investigation and exploration into the human experience and the continuation of this journey into new and exciting territory. Every ending engenders a new beginning.

I am filled with gratitude. Like a cup spilling over; a tree bursting into bloom; a plant pushing up out of the soil, seeking the sun; a wave delighting in its surge and retreat. And deep in my bones I feel the glowing embers of happiness.

I know this to be true because the body doesn’t lie. It is a truth seeker, a delusion destroyer. It speaks of what we fear, desire, hope and long for, believe, close and open to and know to be true. It is the pointing at the moon and the moon itself. We are the body and the mystery interpenetrated as one. If we listen; when we take enough care to actually give it our precious attention.

Our presence is needed. In tuning our antenna to embodiment, which is Life itself on this abundant earth, we become present…we heed the call home. To feel, sense, experience, wonder, delight, suffer, yearn, learn, explore, and love we need our bodies and our presence. In tandem, like a backpack needs a body; a boat a river; a tree the ground; a hand someone to touch.

An embodied presence. I do not believe this is a casual journey upon which we are asked to embark. Often it can be so daunting!! I have wondered many a time if I can truly stay my course. And yet, to set foot to the path, again and again, allows us the freedom to be truly alive.

To wake up into our life, whether joyous or despairing, is the call home to fully feel and experience the exquisite nature of who we are in relationship to all that is. On our embodied journey together, we have the opportunity to come closer to this Mystery…to touch it deeply…to be sensitively alive in the wonderment of life itself.


How Everything Adores Being Alive –Mary Oliver


if you were

a beetle,

and a soft wind


and a certain allowance of time

had summoned you

out of your wrappings,

and there you were,


so many legs


maybe even

more than one pair of eyes


and the whole world

in front of you?

And what if you had wings

And flew


into the garden,

then fell

into the up-tipped



of a white flower,

and what if you had

a sort of mouth,

a lip

to place close

to the skim

of honey

that kept offering itself—


what would you think then

of the world

as, night and day,

you were kept there—


oh happy prisoner—

sighing, humming,


that deep cup?