I have worked with Dana consistently for 12 years now, and the changes I have experienced in my life and well-being from our work together are profound. Dana’s vast knowledge and years of experience as a facilitator and guide have assisted me in deepening my own understanding of my psyche and the patterns that have been laid down in both mind and body. She has taught me tools to recognize and work with whatever arises in ways that are personally empowering, and that continually unfold toward wholeness and living a life that is fully embodied.

Along with deep knowledge and experience in her field, her ability to hold space and compassion is one of her great strengths. Her presence and deep listening skills, in my experience, are rare and help form a container that makes working with her an experience of being listened to and understood on far-reaching levels. She often remembers and ties together details that I have forgotten, which from the center of my experience I have been unable to see as a whole. These insights have catalyzed healing and deeper understanding of self and others, increasing my ability to have successful relationships.

I have watched the evolution in my life of better communication skills, the ability to meet challenges and emotional experience with openness and acceptance, and increasing empathy for the experience and heart of others. I have also experienced a depth to the work we do together that includes not only an analytical approach to the psyche, but one that connects to, and works with my experience on a mind/body continuum.

I have recommended Dana to many of my own clients without hesitation and watched healing progression occur time after time. I would highly recommend her to you.


I have spent many hours with therapists of various modalities and although all the time spent in other therapies was useful, it can’t be compared to the Hakomi work I did with Dana, which was especially powerful.

All the words that I have to describe Dana in session can be applied to other therapies/therapists, but when applied to Dana, there is a greater depth and sincerity. I found Dana to be warm and non-judgmental, and it didn’t seem like it was “because that’s her job”. She engaged with me in a way that I felt I could trust. She acknowledged the traumatic nature of the abuse I spoke of and she was also interested in the truth of what I might be avoiding when looking at the circumstances surrounding that childhood trauma.

As I brought memories to the foreground, Dana was engaged in a way that I felt mirrored and not pitied, supported but not “smothered”, guided but not led. Her insights into feelings I expressed gave me confidence that she knew what I was experiencing. Working with Dana strengthened my ability to face some of the really difficult emotions about being sexually abused. Of the work I have done on this issue, the work with Dana is at the top of the list for beneficial! Thank you Dana!

The words I would use to describe Dana in her work with me are: warm, attentive, engaged, non-judgmental, interested, perceptive, courageous, insightful…


My long journey in women’s group has impacted every relationship I’m in, including the one with myself. Coming into a respectful space week after week where everyone’s stories, actions and feelings are held equally has helped me bring my open heart and mind into the world outside the safety of our group. By far the most important gift I’ve received from being part of this group is the opportunity to truly see others as well as receive honest, loving feedback about others’ experience of me. This process has shattered many of my negative stories about myself and others and given me a new baseline to start a different conversation. I’ve kept returning to group every fall for the last 12 years because I know I can be myself there and that it supports me to become more of myself week by week.

One of the things I love most about our group is the foundational contract, to hold onto both ourselves and the group. It has always been challenging for me to hold onto others and I’ve come to know that a little warm-hearted curiosity is the first and most important step towards being able to stay in relationship, whether that’s in the moment or in the long term. True understanding results from open questioning. As Dana is fond of saying, accurate information allows for accurate empathy!

Dana’s contributions of Presence (with a capital P!), knowledge, experience and deep listening/questioning have taken us on an incredible, ever-changing journey to meet and welcome all of ourselves to the conversation. One of her many gifts is to meet us where we are in the moment, with compassion, always nudging us just a little closer to what we’re afraid to face. I am deeply grateful for that gentle push towards my edge.


Dana is an intuitive and heart-centered facilitator who is highly skilled in guiding women in living an authentic life. I participated in a women’s group led by Dana for seven years. The experience was transformative in so many powerful ways! I learned how to communicate directly and authentically; how to honor my own needs and those of others even under the most challenging circumstances; how to connect my heart and mind; and how to live spiritually in community.


I worked with Dana individually and in a group process over a 5 year period of time. My work with Dana permanently changed my life. I learned so much about how I perceive myself and how I show up in the world. It was a critical developmental period in my life, and through my personal and group sessions I gained the tools needed to have a healthy relationship with myself and those around me. I have a better sense of self and personal value, a clearer understanding of how to create and sustain healthy relationships and a deeper spiritual connection.

Dana is an amazing facilitator and has a beautiful way of guiding people through their own mind/body/spirit process to healing.


Dana and I worked together as therapist and client over the phone for ten months and then again for two months about a half year later. (Was it only two months?! I could be wrong). I was living in Shanghai and had met Dana in passing at a retreat in Salt Lake when I asked her if she’d consider being my therapist. She agreed to try it, so we had one session in her office and I left for my flight that afternoon. Our appointments over the coming months and years took place over the phone, so I even forgot what she looked like! Regardless, my work with her became my foundation for navigating my separation and ultimately, divorce, from my husband.

Dana was able to switch perspectives and help me to better understand my husband’s point of view, even though they had never met. When I would repeat things she had said to me, he would often say, “Yes! That’s exactly it! That’s how I felt!”

Dana helped me to locate emotionality in my body, even leading me in meditation sessions over the phone, gave me assigned readings (such as Women Who Run With The Wolves) that we would talk about, and helped me to become a better listener to others and myself. We worked together until I entered couples counseling with a therapist in Shanghai.

After our pause in working together (because of the couples counseling), I asked Dana if she would work with me again, as my husband had asked for a divorce. Our first conversation back, after I heard her voice, I began crying and couldn’t stop for what felt like half an hour. It’s a testament to Dana’s ability to create a strong relationship with her clients that she was the person I reached out to first and that I had such a powerful emotional release after just hearing her voice on the phone.


I met Dana Appling approximately twelve years ago. In the passing years she successfully guided both family members and close friends of ours through a wide variety of critical issues. Her kind, considerate and insightful views always led us to choices that brought the best possible outcomes.

Additionally, she facilitated the creation of a Women’s group stemming from debilitating medical disorders. With Dana as our life coach, utilizing interesting, fun projects and healing, empowering discussions, this group evolved from fragile individuals into enriched, fulfilled and happily content women.

Dana has a soothing way of opening pathways that most are unlikely to ever consider accessible. Her communication gifts and educational processes bring emotional and psychological freedom in a way that will sustain for a lifetime.


Committing to the mystery that is women’s group has changed how I show up in life! I have found the voice of my True Self and practice honoring all of the parts of myself…especially the messy and shadowy parts. I have learned to take the work that we do together, with the skilled facilitative guidance of Dana, and translate that into my every day life. My relationships are more fulfilling and meaningful. My interactions and intention in the world have more depth and richness. My self love and connection to self and other has grown exponentially.


I began working with Dana when a doctor told me, “Where else do you get to talk about yourself for one full hour with someone who will listen?” Dana is so much more than a listener. She provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment to discover and learn. I can explore very deep issues with her as she is a trusted ally and partner. She has helped me to observe and question beliefs and feelings, to dig and define the elements that add meaning to my life and to recognize the many pathways to access that meaning. She has also been instrumental in teaching me how to acknowledge change and learn to navigate change more successfully. She excels in gentle guidance to find new ways of thinking about life. Dana is a vital part of my journey as I move forward in my understanding and creation of a life more fully lived.

Things important to know about Dana: Wise, Compassionate, Caring, Learner, Encourager, Explorer, Teacher, Guide, Questioner, Practitioner of Meditation, Boater, Runner, Skier, Great sense of Humor.


Dana is a healer!

I’ve worked with her for over fourteen years starting with the Hemophilia Foundation, and the years of grief associated with that. I like that she gives me the tools to heal. It’s a partnership, one of safety and mutual respect. It’s been an exchange of ideas and figuring out for me how to use these tools to navigate this world we call life!

I’ve always been better for having worked with Dana. She gives me hope for a better day. For people like me who can easily find themselves close to falling into deep despair (otherwise known as falling in the rabbit hole) Dana is always there to give you a hand and pull you back from the abyss. I want to thank my therapist, my friend, my representation of Mother Earth. I appreciate you, Dana.


Time shared with Dana has allowed me to go deeper comfortably within myself. Her knowledge and genuine guidance has supported me to live a fuller and more meaningful life. Women’s group and private practice client.


Let me begin by saying how rewarding, precious, and life changing my experiences were with regard to my participation in a women’s group facilitated by Dana Appling. An ideal women’s group will foster growth, it will speak to one’s needs. I found that here.

My mind is further transformed; I found my imagination, my creativity; I learned that attaining new perspectives yields higher learning, and in this development I found and continue to maintain a certain balance.

I learned to value others and myself in a way that only an intimate group environment, built upon mutual trust, listening—with one’s whole body–, commonality, and cohesion can offer. I explored and journeyed with Dana as my guide and I will be forever thankful for her sharing of knowledge, her encouragement to explore, and her ability to support transformational group and self-work.


At 65 years old I found myself at a very dark place in my life. I thought I was doing everything right: two beautiful children, friends, religion, lots of exercise and great support groups. But I was so scared, so lonely, and fighting despair everyday. A relationship break triggered this flood of self-loathing and feelings of abandonment. I had many failed relationships in my past—this was different.

I knew of Dana from a dear friend. I was desperate and turned to her for help. I immediately felt safe with her. I knew I was in good hands. She gave me a safe and peaceful place to lay down all my pain and feelings of lost hope. All my fears and insecurities came pouring out.

I am four months into healing and there are no words to express my gratitude. Dana has given me my life back. Her unconditional warmth, understanding, support and guidance have brought me here. She is a true professional.

I am the best me I have ever been. I am less afraid, stronger and filled with hope for the future.


Whether in personal work or a group setting, I find that my circumstances may change but the skills and tools gained are timeless. The power of long term or ongoing work is that as I grow and change I am able to apply these skills and maintain a level of well being that didn’t previously seem attainable to me on my own. To find the strength that lives within me, and yet to balance that with the vulnerability of being in the world while asking for and accepting support. And to learn what support even means. Dana would say, the way we are in group is the way we are in the world. For me, group was a safe environment in which to learn about oneself—especially in relation to others. I haven’t been in group for 3 years and in personal therapy for even longer, yet I can draw on the 10 years I was and get through my current challenges.


I came to Dana after seeing a few other psychologists, one of whom was a highly educated and very experienced practitioner. He was able to deliver an informed diagnosis that appeared to be very accurate, and the shock of reading into that diagnosis was numbing…This is where the progress stopped, and the practitioner even stated to me that the chances for recovery were very limited. I realized that I needed someone who would work with me on healing and I was very thankful to have been recommended to Dana.

Dana’s comforting personality and unique style, along with an effective blend of methods that went beyond the academic, were very effective in helping me to understand and cope with my depression and life situation, while learning how to connect and work with my inner self. The understanding combined with techniques for application have helped me lead a more fulfilling and productive life.

I recommend Dana without hesitation…