Welcome to the embodied work. I look forward to our work together, and support your courageous entry into the journey towards health, healing, vitality, and living your authentic life.


  • Do you take insurance? +

    I do not work directly with your insurance company. I will give you the necessary information for you to make a claim to your insurance company.
  • Do you have a sliding fee scale? +

    Yes, I have some spots open for a sliding fee. This is something we can discuss at our first session.
  • How is payment handled? +

    Payment is expected at the time of service. If other arrangements are needed, we can discuss this together.
  • How do you receive payment? +

    At this time, I take checks or cash. I do not take credit cards.
  • How do I become a therapy client with you? +

    You begin by either calling me or sending an email with information about what is calling you to the therapeutic process. We can then discuss whether we are a good fit for what your needs are. If so, we set up an initial appointment.
  • How long should I expect to work with you? +

    This is dependent upon your needs and desires. Some people come to work through a current difficult situation and find this sufficient; others find the benefit of longer term work as it deepens their capacity for sustained change; some stay the course for the long term as they find the work is transformational in living a deeply alive and authentic life.
  • Can I be an individual therapy client with you and also a member of a group process you facilitate? +

    It is possible; however, we would need to explore the efficacy of this together.
  • When do your committed groups open to new members? +

    Typically, the group opens to new members at the beginning of our year cycle in September. However, at times new members will come in throughout the year.
  • What is the process of becoming a member of a committed group? +

    The decision for bringing in new members is one the group makes together. It is based on the group's availability. There are times when the group process is more conducive to new members, and times when it is not. New membership is also dependent upon whether the group is a good match for your needs, as well as if you are a good match for the groups needs. If you are interested in the group, the first step would be to let me know of your interest. Or, if you know of someone in the group, you can let that person know of your interest.
  • Do you have any groups or workshops that are on a “drop-in basis? +

    At this time I do not facilitate any open group processes.
  • How far in advance do I need to sign up for a retreat? +

    Retreats fill on a first come basis. A deposit is needed to hold your space. Once the retreat fills, your name can be placed on a waiting list.
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