Being in a natural landscape has the possibility of opening us up. It allows for a slow descent into “the wilderness” of self, others and the world. We become quiet, aware, and connected to the earth body in a way that fast paced living doesn’t allow. We have the capacity to see, feel and imagine things, both inside and out, that truly flesh us out and simultaneously astound. We may wonder, with a curious compassion, “How is it that I did not know that about myself, my partner or the world”? “When did I lose touch with the life force of this very Earth that truly sustains me”? “Who am I, Here? What is This Place? What is this precious Life”?

In natural landscapes we have the opportunity to be in relationship with something greater than our human selves. We invite in an embodied consciousness where the boundaries between self and nature soften into a shared spaciousness. It is a time where Silence and Stillness, the Sound of the Wind, the Heat of the Sun and the Touch of Rain awaken us to the potentiality of our Being, to the fluid nature of it all.

Wild Places pierce our Heart and perhaps, if we are attentive, we respond with fear and awe, a healthy dose of curiosity, and an intuitive ability to let its call open us up and invite us into an intimate dance.

When we allow ourselves to Be in intimate relationship with open space, desert sandstone, cool clear water and luminous sky, we can be profoundly impacted. Our bodies, psyches and souls are intricately interwoven with the Earth. Life in its fullness is deeply felt when one awakens to a still rosy dawn, stands on warm rock amidst towering ponderosa pines, wanders about in the heat of a windy sun filled day and at night falls into a star filled velvety sky and exclaims, “Yes, we are Here; we Belong to each other”.

Welcome to the embodied work in the Southern Utah desert! This is Home for our time together.


“The true miracle is to walk upon this earth”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Current Retreats


Dancing in Desert Light:
A Movement Journey into the Body of Self, the Body of Earth

This 5 day wilderness dance retreat will explore desert light as it moves across the land and sky from dawn to dusk. One of our creative muses will be the Five Rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. These “Five Rhythms of the Soul” which will, in part, inspire and guide our creative process, come with gratitude from the work of Gabrielle Roth.

Individually, and as a community, we will drop into each rhythm throughout our days together, giving time and space to deeply explore how landscape, light and rhythm impact our bodies, psyches, and relationships with each other.

As a dancing community, we will co-create some structured movement, while allowing for the spaciousness of present moment improvisation and inspiration to be our true ground. Our time together will culminate in a day long sacred dance ritual, beginning at dawn and ending after dusk, giving a collective embodied voice to our intimate relationship with light and landscape, self and other.

In addition to dancing together, we will carve out time for meditation practice, group work process, and personal time.

Dancing in Desert Light is an invitation to push your edge; feel into this beautiful living landscape; explore your relationship with creativity, inspiration, and love; enter into community; dive into your body; open your heart and mind; and Touch Into the Mystery of it All.

And, let us not forget… allow our dancing feet to play and have fun with each other!

The place we will call home is a 45 minute backpack in, and we will remain at this site for the entire week. Together, as a community, we will take care of all our needs: camp set-up, meal preparation, clean-up, and pumping water.

This is a wilderness retreat. Participants must be comfortable with, and physically capable of hiking on uneven terrain with a backpack, sleeping on the ground, cooking on camp stoves, and working with all the elements that may come our way–heat, cold, rain, sun, wind.

As our camp space is small and our commitment is to minimum impact (we honor “leave no trace”), and our intention is for sacred intimacy with the land and each other, this retreat is limited to 6 participants.

Schedule for 2017

Dates TBA.

Cost: $450

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Sitting on Desert Ground:
A Meditation Retreat in the Southern Utah Wilderness

“Many of us have forgotten how to listen, feel, and sense the natural world—and why it’s vital to our humanity.”
From Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery by Mark Coleman

In the silence of natural and wild places, we have the opportunity to re-member our utterly simple and basic nature, and its shared intimacy with this earth upon which we walk, rest, and live.

On this 5 day integrative retreat, all of our practices—held in relationship with our natural environment—will be our container of intention for bringing us closer in to an embodied intimacy with our shared natural state.

Together, in relationship, and alone in our autonomy we will explore our ground and our spaciousness through the following embodied practices:

  • Sitting, walking and dance/movement meditation
  • Creativity and its interplay with the natural environment
  • Group process—deepening intimacy with self and other
  • Presencing our relationship with this sacred world of rock and water, light and shadow, ground and sky
  • Living communally—tending to the needs of everyday life in a wilderness setting (setting up camp, cooking, pumping water, tending to each other, leaving no trace)

Inviting this desert landscape to be our guide and muse, we open ourselves to gaze into the mirror that reflects back the nature of things.

This is a wilderness retreat. Our home base is a 45 minute backpack in. Participants must be comfortable with, and physically capable of hiking on uneven terrain with a backpack, sleeping on the ground, cooking on camp stoves, and working with all the elements that may come our way—heat, cold, rain, sun, wind.

As our camp space is small and our commitment is to minimum impact (we honor “leave no trace”), and our intention is for sacred intimacy with the land and each other, this retreat is limited to 6 participants.

Schedule for 2017

More information coming.

Dates TBA.

Cost: $450


“When you love a landscape, you can feel it loving you back.”

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3 Day Desert Retreats

“There is no defense against an open heart and a supple body in dialogue with wildness. Internal strength is an absorption of the external landscape. We are informed by beauty, raw and sensual. Through an erotics of place our sensitivity becomes our sensibility.”
—Terry Tempest Williams

These 3 days of desert retreating will take place on my land outside of Boulder, Utah, in the heart of the Escalante. They will be rustic, as we will camp, but will not involve backpacking or strenuous activity.

The container for retreating on the land holds the same intentions as the longer wilderness retreats: an invitation to push your edge; opening yourself to an embodied conversation with this beautiful living landscape; exploring your relationship with self, other, and community; diving into your body, mind and heart through sitting and moving meditation, creativity, and group work; Touching into the Mystery of it All.

Each retreat will have a specific theme, allowing for our time together to deepen into a particular path of inquiry.

Cost: $250

Schedule for 2017

Dates TBA: Women Dreaming Themselves into Being
An immersion into the blood and bones of the feminine: in oneself, in community, and in our meeting with desert ground.

Dates TBA: Creativity and the Healing of Our Grieving Hearts
Inviting in the creative process to facilitate the uncovering, discovering, and recovering of the wounded heart.

Dates TBA: Falling Into Grace: The Practice of Surrender
“How do we live a life we can’t hold onto?”—Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel. In allowing the turn from summer into fall be our muse and guide, surrender becomes our path.

Cost: $250/per retreat

“This morning I watched the deer with beautiful lips touching the tips of the cranberries, setting their hooves down in the dampness carelessly, isn’t it after all the carpet of their house, their home, whose roof is the sky?”
—Mary Oliver

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Private Individual Retreats

Some people prefer a one-on-one experience. Please contact me to explore this further.