This “calling of Yes” speaks to the essence of my life journey and how I came to be a guide for others as well. In this Mystery called Life, “we become students of our reluctance” from the myriad of ways in which we subtly and not so subtly resist being fully embodied. We wrestle with taking ownership of all of ourselves, shadow and light, and to live with full presence here on this Earth. If we so choose, “the moment we name our exile, we are on our way home” to fully inhabiting this one precious life that we have. It is a courageous path, one fraught with heartbreak and dark nights of the soul, yet one capable of immense beauty. A path, a Life, ultimately lived in the Fluidity of the Heart.

There have been many portals through which I have been ushered, both reluctantly—sometimes consciously pushed—and with great enthusiasm. All have deeply impacted my life. However, those that have most distinctly shaped me and inform the work I offer are: earth’s wild places, the body, creativity, and deep psychological and spiritual inquiry. Over the course of the last 40 years, those arenas have been weaving their web, allowing for a beautiful fluidity of wisdom and experience to ground the on-going conversation with the Unknown.


about-earth-vert1As a child, I was drawn to nature as a source of comfort, mystery and adventure. Journeys of days, weeks, and months in these natural landscapes of rivers, mountains, and deserts began in my teens and continue to this day. In wild places, I sense my place “in the family of things”, touch creative inspiration, witness the depth of my vulnerability, feel divinity, and fall in love with the ground under my feet. I know it to be true that “when you love a landscape, you can feel it loving you back”.

Body and Creativity

about-body-creativity-fullAs a child, I also loved to move, to dance, and was initiated into an earthly sensuality of embodied experience that would take many years to re-discover and inhabit as my own. It was through dance that I uncovered the emotional voice of my history, and it was through the creative expression of my art that I found my way forward into the world. Whether the invitation to dance was via performance, choreography, and production, or simply in teaching how to have an intimate conversation with oneself and another through embodied movement, I came to deeply know creative process and the expressive arts as the voice of the unconscious, the voice of the soul…the voice of Belonging.

Psyche and Spirit


This “fleshing out” my life pointed me towards another conversation—that of a curious and avid investigation into the psyche, the soul, and the divine through psychological inquiry and meditative practice. Psychology and meditation allowed me to give a voice to the many parts of myself, those known and unknown, and to facilitate the “embodied knowing” of who I was “in time”—an exiled, afraid, wounded, brilliant, courageous, resentful, sensitive, intuitive, angry, shamed, joyful, and curiously alive human being; and “in eternity”— expansive, impermanent, fluid, spacious, transitory and ever present. Professionally, it gave me the skillful capacity and ground on which to stand witness to another’s journey, and through engaged presence help navigate the transformative process of inviting the body, psyche and spirit home.

Now, another turn of the wheel of life finds me welcoming home All of the various paths I have walked throughout my life, weaving a tapestry that allows body to inform mind, nature and wild places to teach us about love, relationships to open our vulnerable and intimate heart, and creativity to give voice to the Mystery of what We are and what This is.

I welcome You home to the place where time and eternity stand still…and then, keep on dancing.

“Our greatest fear is not that we are insignificant. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

—Nelson Mandela