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    Introducing Embodied Presence:
    A Relational-Somatic Therapy Practice
  • Presence enlivens, presence heals

    Embodied presence is the ground from where transformation happens
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Welcome to The Embodied Work, a refuge for deepening into your human journey through an intimate conversation with the body, psyche and spirit. I am Dana Appling (LCSW) and my great enduring passion is this shared inquiry with another into the Mystery we call Life.

In my work as a psychotherapist, teacher, facilitator and guide, I deeply trust the Truth that expresses itself through the vast spectrum of human experience; an experience that living in a body on this earth evokes. “What disturbs and then nourishes has everything we need.”—David Whyte

This continuous unfolding of human possibility ignites my life and my conversations with others through embodied self-inquiry, creative process, relationship and community, and the silence of wild places.

I invite you to ask: Is it possible to live full, vital and authentic lives amidst all that this world lays down on our path? Is it possible to “let your vulnerabilities walking on the cracked, sliding limestone, be this time, not a weakness, but a faculty for understanding what is about to happen.” —David Whyte

I say Yes!!

I invite you to walk with me into the spacious mystery of Your Life.


Embodied Presence

Embodied Presence

A practice of Presence, where curiosity, relationship and compassionate attention allows for personal growth and healing, intimate connection with others and an invitation to Live the Mystery. Read More
Working with Dana

Working with Dana

I love working with those that see the value of a long-term, relational commitment to nature, self and others Read More
How do I start?

How do I start?

Current groups, retreats, classes and scheduling your first session with Dana Read More
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  • Dana is an intuitive and heart-centered facilitator who is highly skilled in guiding women in living an authentic life.
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